18.08.2023 13:08 

On Friday, at 11am the „Ceramic Garden” was officially opened. On the occasion of historic event of awarded to the city Boleslawiec the price of the Council of Europe 2023 we had the honour to hosts Mr. Piotr Roman, The Meyer of the city of Boleslawiec  together with the Authorities, Starost of the Bolesławiec District, Mr. Tomasz Gabrysiak, representatives of Bolesławiec companies, customers and contractors from Poland and abroad, parliamentarians of Assembly of the Council of Europe, representantieves of the partners towns from Siegburg, Nogent sur Mare, Vallacorsy, Acuto, Zbaraż i Prinjavor, invited guests from the Great Britain and Finland, residents of our towns and employees of “Ceramika Artystyczna”.

The Board of Cooperative welcome to all honorable guests and invites to watch the artistic program prepared by our talented workers Maria Starzyk, Karolina Śliwińska, Lucyna Lenkiewicz, Jolanta Chołost, Barbara Świtalska, Małgorzata Pankiewicz and Agnieszka Lenkiewicz, who for a very long time have prepared and decorated costumes, stylized as peacock. Our ladies Monika Walera, Barbara Ćwik, Anita Gąsiorowska, Anna Parzyszek, Magdalena Rolak,  Joanna Kryjak, Liana Rolak,  Joanna Wasyniak, Kamila Borowiak, Martyna Gałka, Barbara Smolak, Agnieszka Lenkiewicz, Monika Szpila, Marta Niedziela, Dominka Kwinta, Kaja Dolik were dressed in peacocks costumes referring to the first peacocks motives, floral patterns and European costumes referring to flag of the European Union,  in blue with gold stars.  Magician Grzegorz Holka surrounded by carefree plays children of our employees, little peacocks Alicja, Paulina, Aleksandra, Dominika, Nela, Filip, Natalia, Mateusz, Hanna, Lila, Agnieszka, Michalina, Bartosz, Jakub, Mikołaj, Nikola, Oliwia, Mateusza, Paulina, Jakub, Julia and Filipa joined the ladies, for which we thank you very much.

Special thanks to Lucyna Lenkiewicz for the very professional preparation of all entire artistic setting and extremally  beautiful costumes show.

The opening ceremony was graced by performance of modern dancing BOK-MCC under Mrs. Halina Bałacka-Kłak for which we would like to thank.