Reach Design – it makes us stand out

Decorations of our products and their geometric forms are a derivative of design, which can be seen only in museum showcases. When we create new patterns, we refer to the history of our design, and thanks to attachment to tradition, our patterns are still on the high level in the world. Decorations created by our designers often refer to what is the most beautiful in the surrounding nature, hence colorful flowers, butterflies and birds. Thanks to positive associations, our customer are happy to buy them.


Our designers are characterized by personality, huge artistic potential and abilities that give them unlimited possibilities in creation.


The Limited Edition of our products is characterized by a sophisticated design. Original and reach decorations is a ceramic masterpiece often painted only with a brush, and the only limit is the imagination of the designer. Decorations. The decorations sought after by our clients from around the world are created by: Teresa Liana, Maria Starzyk, Maryla Iwicka, Irena Mączka and Jacek Chyła.