My name is Mariusz Ochocki and I have been worked as a designer for “Ceramika Artystyczna” Artistic Handicraft Cooperative in Bolesławiec for 27 years. I am taking part in the open-air plein for the first time. There came a moment when.  I wanted to try my strength in the other way. Not only ceramic forms designing, but also I wanted to show something else, something from myself.

My daily work on designing ceramics is a bit different, it differs from what I do with my sculptural work. I was inspired by life, everyday matters and struggles with reality. In the sculptural form I wanted to find geometric elements of the characters and give them some human behaviors and show emotions. Generally, I have bult this theme on the basis of a collection of 5 sculptures, which received the name “Life.” Life, that is our conversation, meetings, our different opinions, which I tried to built in a sculptural form. Sculptures are similar to each other but the difference is in a graphic layout.

First, I prepared a drawing which was very important, because I could see on the future assumptions, which I would like to make. What will the finished product look like ? During the development of sculptural forms, I try to modify draw assumptions, transform a little, in order to match everything to its needs.

The whole collection contains 5 groups of characters. Each group presents a different impression.

The finished sculptures have met my expectations and the end result is good. In the sculptures I tried to include all the elements that I assumed for myself. Additional element of embellishment is action with coloured paints.

I am happy with my sculptures and hope that you will like them. If the circumstances are favorable, I hope that new sculptures will be created in the future.

Mariusz Ochocki – Artistic manager / “Ceramika Artystyczna” Artistic Handicraft Cooperative in Bolesławiec.