Pottery  decorated with the stamp method and inspired by the famous decoration of the “peacock feathers”  has been produced since the mid-nineteenth century in Bolesławiec. This pattern is one of the most important achievements of  European handicraft.

The peacock bird was a symbol of pride and became an inspiration to many poets, artists and painters. Beautiful traditions of old Boleslawiec  continue to be proudly produced by “Ceramika Artystyczna” Artistic Handicraft Cooperative, creating hundreds of combinations of decorations influenced by the “peacock feathers”.

During the Bolesławiec Ceramic Festival, members from the Cooperative community participated in the Ceramic Parade BŚC. The nature of their presentation was to celebrate the symbol of the “peacock feather.”  Costumes portraying the colorful peacock tail, decorated with peacock feathers and flowers were proudly worn with a flair. The participants’ faces were decorated with makeup applied with stamps depicting the brilliant hues of the “peacock feather”.  Colorful costumes and props created a mood of joy and fun for the residences and tourists who were visiting Bolesławiec.

The creativity of this competition was appreciated with creditable distinction. The President of the City of Bolesławiec presented “Ceramika Artystyczna” the first place award for the most interesting presentation during the Ceramic Parade of the Ceramic Festival in Bolesławiec, for the years 2014 and 2015.