23.08.2020 10:08 

This year on the exhibition „New Designs in Bolesławiec Ceramic” , we would like to show new shapes increasing collection from the last year about new dishes, mostly bowls, platters, plates. We are presenting a few new unique designs, five the Limited Edition decorations  and a few patterns, that will be added to production. In addition on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Cooperative there is proposal of new cups in the Limited Edition. Shapes of cups and saucers refer to the old tradition, but there are also new decorative elements, which have never been used in Bolesławiec ceramic. Our customers are looking for patterns  presented here on the Exhibition very much. There are rich decorations showing natural meadows, flowers but also stylish flowers meadows. We are presenting also very stylish unique designs, which are mass in the process of production, because the Limited Edition decorations are produced in small quantities, this is a very time-consuming painting.