Polish – Artist – Ceramist

28.11.2018 11:11 

“Polak – Artysta – Ceramik” (Polish – Artist – Ceramist), works of 100 artists for the 100th anniversary of the state of Poland regarding its independence.  Among the others the works of artist Michał Gdak, made in our Cooperative during the International Sculpture-Ceramic Plener  were displayed on the exposition. These works were prepared specially at this exhibition.  MOULDSCAPE – the scenery of  forms  authored by Michał Gdak. A composition is complex from the multiplied ceramic elements – towers, consisting for the forms scenery. The shape of the ceramic towers directly refers to the geometric gips mould forms, which are used in the Artistic Handicraft of Cooperative “Artistic Ceramic and Pottery”  in Bolesławiec. Works can be seen in the Tourist Information Bolesławiec, Rynek Str. 19/21.

Photo made by Michał Medyński