Krystyna Deptuła


Krystyna Deptuła – designer of decorations. The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative “Artistic Ceramics and Pottery” since 1991. Since 1997 she has been a pattern designer. My ideas are often born outside my work, i.e. in different places where normal life is going on. Very helpful are my manual skills, sense of humor and the neverending desire to learn something new. At times I watch nature on a beautiful day, add some imagination, and my mind triggers combining a flower with a flower, a bud or a leaf. This is the beginning. Then the idea has to be transferred to pottery and stamps must be added to complete the picture this is how a pattern is born. And while working on a pattern, I already see what I can add or take away in the next one. I like designing patterns for individual people, and the fact that I know my works appeal to people in the world lends wings to me.