Zofia Spychalska


Zofia Spychalska is a designer of decorations for the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna”. She has been working for the Cooperative since 1989 and specifically as a designer of decorations from 1997 to 2009. Presently, Zofia supervises the quality of decorated semi-manufactured articles “Creating new decorations, I most often returned to the favourite flowers, admired and picked in my parent’s garden, in the meadows and forests, where I spent much time as a child and a teenager. Beautifully illustrated books at my family house, the decorating of which I remember today, inspired me to work creatively. Currently, closer and further journeys make me more impressions. Unknown to me plants, local decorations or elements of architecture can be the perfect creative base for decorations designers. Maybe, like flowers and books, they will come back as stylized decorations that complements our products.”