The Centre of Old Pottery Technics in Bolesławiec

07.11.2023 09:11 

On October 24, 2023 a unique event took place  in the form of the official opening the Centre of Antient Pottery Technics organized by the President of Bolesławiec Town Piotr Roman and Director of the Ceramic Muzeum Anna Bober-Tubaj.

The event began with the signing  of a letter of intent regarding activities related to the opening of the Centre of Old Pottery Technics in the Rajca Hall of the Bolesławiec Town Square and all invited quests had a pleasure of watching an amazing performance with Italy juggling by the banner together with the  dance theatre of the team “Gwardia Gryfa – Sbandieratori Wrocław on Bolesławiec Square, took part in the moving the Great Jug to the Centre of Old Pottery Technics at Kutuzowa Str. 14 and visited wonderful exhibition “ Modern Ceramics of Bolesławiec – tradition and modernity” and on the VIA FABRILIS TRAIL” prepared by the employees of the Ceramic Muzeum  in Bolesławiec.

We would like to thank to the President of Bolesławiec and Director of Ceramic Museum for the invitation to participate in the event and the beautiful exposition of our ceramics.

We invite everyone to visit the Centre of Old Pottery Technics in Bolesławiec at Kutuzowa Str. 14, from 10am to 2psc. to take part in the  ceramic workshop.