14.01.2020 08:01 

“WIATR W ŻAGLE – WOŚP 2020,” is a hand made set of ceramic dishes, containing 47 elements.  The inspiration for a new decoration was the WOŚP 2020 graphics, in which some elements such as blue small circles, refer to “pawie oczko,” one of our oldest decorations.

“Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the President of “Ceramika Artystyczna,” Helena Smoleńska, President of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Jerzy Owsiak, a designer of decoration, Teresa Liana and a designer of forms, Mariusz Ochocki will be added to the set.

The Auction is special. The whole income will be transferred into the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity account. We play because we like.  To save children’s lives and health.

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Photo: Paulina Stefańczyk – promotion and marketing division. “Ceramika Artystyczna” Artistic Handicraft Cooperative in Bolesławiec.

“WIATR W ŻAGLE – WOŚP 2020” contains 47 elements such as:

1 plate D53

1 teapot F33

4 cups F23

4 saucers F24

4 small plates F34

1 sugar bowl F38

4 spoons 592

4 hearts 959

4 hearts B64

1 bowl on foot 761

1 vase E81

1 container E73

4 bowls E95

4 bowls E96

4 bowls E97

1 dish D15

2 owls D91

1 bird E04

1 bird D87