We join GOCC

10.01.2019 10:01 

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity plays 27 times in a row. The Grand Finale takes place on the coming Sunday 13th of January.
Helping is childishly easy and we are collecting money for purchase of progressive equipment for the specialist children hospitals.
The Cooperative of Handicraft “Ceramic Artistic and Pottery” will put on auction Allegro on Saturday:
A Jubilee Set created in the occasion of “100th of Poland Independence“ in decoration of the Limited Edition which is specially dedicated to GOCC.
It has a Certificate of Authenticity with a signature of the President of the Board Helena Smoleńska, the President of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Jerzy Owsiak, an author of decoration and the forms designer. Decoration was painted and designed by Teresa Liana, and forms created by Mariusz Ochocki.
Auction has a special character.
The whole incomes from the auction will be passed on the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


The Jubilee Set consists of 45 elements.
Cup – 6psc.
Saucer – 6psc.
Egg cup – 6psc.
Trivet – 6psc
Desert plate – 6psc.
Tea pot – 1psc.
Butter dish – 1psc.
Birds – 2psc.
Milk pot – 1psc
Pitcher – 1psc.
Sugar bowl – 1psc.
Spoons – 7psc.
Big Plate – 1psc.