Works of Mariusz Ochocki

20.11.2018 12:11 

Works of Mariusz Ochocki, the Artistic Manager in the Cooperative of Handicraft can be watched on the exhibition organized in the occasion of 100 anniversary of independence regain by Poland. Especially for this event the Artist prepared new shapes and forms, which weren’t presented until now.
As the Artist informs, it is characteristic mostly by flat bellies, which were elliptic and convex until now. Because of this new surface, it was also possible to apply a different kind of decorating, using new motives and decorations. Presented shapes, which are possible to see on the exhibition, will be put to the standard production line. Mariusz Ochocki showed his new shapes and forms on an example of breakfast and dinner set. Design of the Year for Culture 2018 Award of The Minister of Culture and National Heritage.