Years of Tradition

Artistic Handicraft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna” is a company that cultivates traditions of “Julius Paul und Sohn” (1893 – 1945) in Bolesławiec. The beginnings of pottery production in Bolesławiec date back to the 16 th century. The current name was accepted following the start-up of our factory in 1950. Continuing centuries of tradition, we produce ceramic dishes which are hand-painted and decorated using a unique sponge stamping technique designed by our talented artists.

Since 1950 our artists have been using an abundance of regional white vitrified clay for the production of ecological and extremely resistant ceramics – an authentic artistic handicraft. The secret of the functional design, which is a combination of craft and art, is a statement of the artist’s passion for creativity. From a simply clay body, the artists produce perfect objects, full of charm and beauty, pleasing us with interesting forms and decorations. Artists paint by hand each individual item with tremendous pride and care. With appreciation for each item from our extensive line of products, we offer a taste of old central Europe. Ceramic dishes produced by our skilled artists are a perfect combination of history, unique style and excellent quality.

Our Limited Edition is the author’s line of painted ceramics. Each piece is signed with the designer’s name and includes a certificate of authenticity of the unique design. This series offers a prestigious art collection, combined with exceptional beauty and functionality.

We also offer the collection of “Unikat” ceramics, signed with the artist’s name and refined by its captivating and decorative designs in a floral motif.

We also offer collections with traditional decorations with the famous pattern “pawie oczko” that has been produced in Bolesławiec since the mid-nineteenth century and is considered one of the greatest achievements of European handicraft.

For many years, dishes with our stamped decorations, covering the whole form densely or creating more delicate decorative arrangements, have been highly sought. We use approximately 5000 stamp designs with a variety of interesting motives” : dots, circles, squares, snails, rosettes.

What distinguishes us are dishes decorated with white dots on a cobalt or red background.

This artistic stoneware with its charm and elegance is exported to 27 countries around the world, gaining recognition and success at shows and fairs in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt am Main, New York and Tokyo.

Stoneware made of white clay is fired in modern ceramic kilns at a temperature of 1250° degrees, using lead-free enamel, which makes it ecological, resistant to abrasion, and therefore oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The stoneware is elegant and extremely durable. It can be used every day and for special occasions, celebrations and holidays. It is a unique work of art touched by the creative mind and heart of a single artist.

It is a hand-painted ceramic that defines the Polish sense of beauty, creating elegance in the entire collection of this art form.