“Design of the Year for Culture”

20.10.2018 11:10 

The Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński honoured a set for coffee in a decoration “Geometric Solids” authored by our designers, form designer: Mariusz Ochocki, decoration designer: Teresa Liana, by a special award “Design of the Year for Culture”. A celebration took place on 25th of October 2018 in the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw in the occasion of 25 years anniversary of the competition “Design of the Year”. Awarded set is presented on the exhibition in the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw until 9th of December 2018.

A set was awarded for the innovative using the traditional art crafts technics and successful attempt of increasing the Boleslawiec’s ceramic offer about the products referred to the constructionism – one of direction in an abstract art.
The set is fitted in the current trends of design, keeping the functional and aesthetic aspects, such characteristic for ceramics. It connects the tradition with vanguard and is stated the next step of the coming back the traditional craft to the contemporary interior.

”This proposal is completely different from rustic patterns associated with Boleslawiec ceramics. Motifs of flowers and swirling shapes were replaced by an irregular composition of simple geometric solids. Also, there was a change in the shape of the dishes – the bulging broods were replaced with a form with straight, bevelled sides. The set will appeal to viewers who value aesthetic references to historical styles and look for an alternative to the folk motifs of Boleslawiec. In the geometric pattern and strong, basic colours, we find both echoes of Bauhaus and postmodernism.”