Maria Ciszewska

Maria Ciszewska – designer of decorations
The artist was connected with Artistic Handicraft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna” from 1981 to 2005. From 1994 to 2005 as a designer of decorations.
“Two elements have become inspiration for me: a circle and a dot. These are the oldest symbols in human’s culture. It is the invention of the wheel that caused such a rapid drive to improve human life. On the other hand, a dot is not only a single mark or its thickness; it is the greatness in the wholeness and the wholeness in the greatness. The combination of two elements: the circle and the dot, gives plenty possibilities when creating different patterns. Dots which permeate one another from the smallest to the largest – or dots of the same size make an interesting decorative element. On the other hand, circles of the same size framed with a narrow or wide cobalt strip allow it to underline the clearness and beauty of the form. I have not used up this arrangement yet. Artistic possibilities incessantly inspire me to show new relations and combinations.”

Teresa Liana

Teresa Liana – is a designer of decoration of Artistic Handicrtaft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna” in Bolesławiec. She is a Graduate of Technikum Ceramiczne (high school) in Krotoszyn. Teresa has been working for the Cooperative since 1983. As a decoration designer, she has introduced over 2100 patterns to the collections, decorated not only by the sponge stamp method, but also by utilizing art brushes to achieve her unique decorations. She has received numerous awards by the Industrial Design Institute in Warsaw. Continuing the search for consistency in her decorations, with actual forms, she has artistically created a number of thematic collections for customers such as: “The English Gardens”, and a broad range of decorations depicting bouquets, butterflies and birds. In addition, decorations in a variety of hues in cobalt blue have produced great success.
The new unique decoration line is created in white and red hues. Daisies and poppies on a dinner set provide an authentic climate of the Polish landscape. A characteristic motif on this new collection is a teapot with a cup, graphically designed. It is absolutely addictive fun with the vivid play of colours and figures.

Anna Pasierbiewicz

My first attempts of creating new designs were projects of painting by colour deposit glazings. In 1975 at the initiative of current main technologist Andrzej Skowroński and laboratory assistant Urszula Jałowska, the stamps decorating by hand were introduced to the Cooperative. Together with Zofia Gruszczyńska I made first designs of the stamps decorations and patterns like 60, 64, 67 and 70 were created that time.

Then I started making stamped patterns cut from a sponge. In 1988 I obtained a diploma of “Handicrafter Artist” awarded by the Commission of Artistic Opinions (Komisja Ocen Artystycznych) in Warsaw. The poor market offer and ideas hidden in me made me initiate in 1992 an auteur workshop of unique items. I was inspired not only by the need to create new patterns but also enrich the pattern-designing with stamp and painting combinations. Owing to this enterprise the Cooperative has recruited a number of lovers of unique decorations.

Ceramic products in my decorations among others were presented on the fairs and exhibitions, received prizes and distinctions, like Dobry Wzór 1994 awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw and Wzór Roku IWP in 1995.

Maria Starzyk

Maria Starzyk is a designer of decorations of Artistic Handicraft Cooperative “Ceramika Artystyczna” in Bolesławiec. She is a Graduate of State High School of Fine Arts in Sędziszów. Maria has been working for the Cooperative since 1996. As a designer, she has introduced over 1500 unique decorations, starting from color balanced geometrical elements to multi-colored compositions, characterized by her personal sense of freedom. Maria also has incorporated floral motifs that are painted in hues of green, brown, red, yellow and cobalt.

Her new collection of a unique decoration style is “Łąka”. These decorations are finely painted with delicate details and pastel hues, resembling watercolour designs. Water, wave and bubbles were the inspiration to create the new “Fala” decorations for products in the shape of fish. Colourful tenement houses, which have been decorating the market square in Bolesławiec for decades, were the inspiration to create new decorations which presently grace ceramics.